I am pleased to welcome all our students, staff, parents, guardians and visitors to the Trinity University Website; we greatly appreciate your interest. The University has positioned itself to become an outstanding institution of higher learning and research. I therefore invite all students and members of staff to strive for contributions that will make Trinity University (TU) a national and an international centre of learning.

This time, I am advising all our students, returning and new to manage their time well.

Time is a precious resource and every effort must be made to utilize it prudently. There is an old adage which goes like this, time lost is never recovered.” This adage could not be truer more for you who have now entered into a level in your life where you have become managers of your own schedules. Do not procrastinate, nor mismanage your time; be a good steward of this precious resource as much of your success largely depends on how well you utilize or manage your time.

In the words of Fred Lozo, let me remind you that “you have now reached an educational plateau: where the scheduling of time is very critical.”

Therefore, learn that one of the great things about university life is that you will have to learn to manage your time well. This is cardinal indeed.

From my own personal experience and the experiences of others, I would like to emphasize that it is important to manage time well. As you make friends and become familiar with university life, do not drift or fall prey to mismanagement of the valuable time you have in your hands, because as you might be aware, time has a way of slipping off our fingers quickly.

You should know that failing to manage your time well will ultimately have a detrimental effect on your academic life. You will miss deadlines to submit your assignments and your lecturers and tutors will not take that lightly, as they will penalize you to the extent that you may lose valuable marks that could have otherwise earned you a good grade.


From the onset, it is very important for you to strive for academic excellence in your academic life. As you might be aware, while some students achieve outstanding academic results, others will excel in a wide range of areas throughout their schooling. Excellence in anything starts with a vision, a passion, and a will. Skills and talent without a deep desire to be the best at what you do will never make you a champion.

 In any case, academic excellence is more than achieving top examination results. It is the ability to master a commitment and dedication to learning and growing. To embrace new knowledge and new experiences in everyday life and to apply this philosophy to your area of study.

In this regard, excellence means:

  1. Achieving the highest exemplary level of performance;

2. Exceeding normal expectations of performance and meeting high expectations; and

3. Setting a standard to be followed by others.

Therefore, do not settle for less than the best.

From the outset, challenge yourself to excel in every area of your life. Remember that setting a goal for excellence should be intentional, it starts and ends with you – if you don’t plan to excel then you will never excel.

In the words of the scripture, let me challenge you to aim for excellence throughout your academic experience here at Trinity University. In Philippians Chapter 4 verse 8, the Bible says, “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, what is noble, what is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is EXCELLENT or praiseworthy – think about such things.” You are marked for greatness and as such your life will never be the same if you apply yourself to these principles I am sharing with you now.

That is why we have this inscribed in our motto at TU: Inspiring, Innovation and Excellence.

God bless you all.

 I thank you.